Over the years, many owners have asked us, “What maintenance duties am I responsible for within my condominium unit?” While every association is unique there are some things that are standard. This list is intended to assist you in understanding what you are responsible for and what you should make sure is done to protect yourself, your unit and your neighbors, for easily prevented but often costly damages that failure to maintain could make you liable for.

  • Change your Air Conditioning filter, monthly is best but never less than quarterly.
  • Sign up with an Air Conditioning company for an annual preventative maintenance plan.
  • Leave the Air Conditioning running when you are away for long periods to prevent mold and mildew. The humidity in South Florida can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, your Air Conditioning helps lower the humidity in your unit preventing both from growing.  You can turn your thermostat up to 80 degrees so your Air Conditioning runs less but don’t turn it off.
  • Have your hot water tank checked by a licensed plumber to make sure it is not past its useful life. Hot water tanks that are 10 years or older should be replaced before they fail.
  • Inspect plumbing fixtures including toilets, sinks, faucets, drains (check under sinks and in cabinets for leaks to drain and traps) and water supply lines; replace all rusted or worn parts. South Florida water eats away at the fittings inside your toilet tank and faucets allowing water leaks that run up the common water bill costing every owner more in monthly maintenance; water is becoming a precious commodity in South Florida and this means that the cost keeps going up. Failure of any of these can result in damage to not only your unit but the units of your fellow owners as well making you responsible for the cost of putting things back the way they were.
  • Make sure the main water cut-off valve coming into your unit is working by testing it. If it’s not working have it replaced. Be sure to coordinate replacement with the Property Manager.
  • Check hose fittings on washing machines for tightness. Consider changing from the standard rubber style to a flexible metal-covered or “braided” hose. Old laundry hoses have been known to break and cause a flood. It’s best to replace these every 5 years or whenever you see signs of possible failure like bulges or fittings coming loose.
  • Replace old refrigerator ice maker supply lines with new industry standard flexible line.
  • Check caulking around all tubs and showers. Inadequate caulking or cracked caulking can cause leaks.
  • Have the duct for your dryer cleaned at least once each year. Lint-clogged ducts are the cause of many condominium fires.
  • When you’re planning to be away from your unit for longer than a few days, think about turning off your main water supply valve to prevent a flood while you are away.
  • Remember damage cause by failure to maintain your unit is your responsibility and it can be costly.

Doing a little bit of preventive maintenance can protect you, your property and your neighbors.