Condominium, Coop & Home Owners Association Management

All management agreements are 30 day cancelable.
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We’ve done our best to create a web site that helps you to understand how we can work with your community to improve the standard of living for all residents while controlling costs and keeping you in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

How long have you been a managing community associations?

Since 2000

How many employees do you have?

15 (does not include managers & other on association employees)

How do you provide superior customer service?

We answer the phones with a live person during normal business hours. This live person will assist you or transfer you to someone that can. Board members and owners are also free to drop by our offices during regular business hours. We also make all association financial information, documents and records available online for board members as well as owners. Our professional staff can easily be reached by email or phone.

When we call your office will we get a live person or an answering machine?

Between 9:00 am– 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, you will always get a live person. After hours you will reach a special voice mail box with instructions for emergency contact and other useful information. You may also reach any of our staff by email or email us all at

Do you offer-on site management?

Yes we can provide you with an on-site manager who is fully licensed and will be on your association property either full time or part time depending on your budget, your needs and the requirements of your board of directors.

Do you offer other on-site personnel?

Yes we can provide and supervise concierges, maintenance & janitorial and other staff for association depending on your needs and your budget. These people can either be association employees and we provide all management, HR and payroll services for the association or we can provide these services through outside contractors who we will assist the board in selecting and administering. It is simply depends on your associations budget and the desires of your board of directors.

How often and when will a supervisor or manager visit/walk our property?

Our field services personnel visit and walk the property at a minimum weekly. They are equipped with a camera and a check list of things to inspect on each visit. They are always dressed in a RMS uniform shirt and the times of visits will vary. Minimum of one visit per month will be after dark.

Describe what a visit and walk thru of our property will look like?

Our field services representative or a manager will visit the property and check to see that all contractors are performing as contracted (grass cut, trimming, cleaning, etc.). They will check to see that the condition of the property has not changed and make a list of any maintenance that needs to be done. They will also meet contractors at the property to review bid and proposal specifications as well as meet with inspectors.

How do you help us prepare for a Board Meeting?

You will receive a full Board Package with agenda and fill in minutes (See attached sample). The Board Package contains copies of all agreements, complaints, financial statements and other information needed or requested by the board.

How do you help us prepare our yearly budget?

We work with the board and treasurer by first preparing a sample based on a review of the prior year. We also work to obtain quotes for items, like insurance and other ongoing expenses, from the vendors and use industry information we have available as professional managers. Once the budget meeting has been held, we make necessary changes and prepare a budget for the boards review.

How do you help us handle new owner applications?

Royale Management will provide applications and do all prescreening (including credit, criminal background checks, and references) and present this to the board or screening committee. We will also schedule applicants for a screening meeting with the board or screening committee.

How do you manage our vendors, cleaning and maintenance staff?

Our field personnel report back to managers on the performance of vendors. Managers and fields personnel meet with vendors on a regular basis to review performance and gather an understanding of any problems vendors or staff may be having. We then communicate with the vendors or staff regarding deficiencies or changes that are needed. If vendors or staff member fail to comply we may recommend replacing the vendor or staff member to the board.

Do you have an action plan with collecting unit owner’s keys?

Yes. Keys are maintained at our office in a locked key box and must be signed out. We always try to notify owners in advance of a need to access their property (except in case of emergency).

How do you protect our data/financial records?

We have a fully staffed IT department, all records are imaged and we maintain multiple levels of back up both on and off site.

Can you provide us with a secure web portal?

Yes. We provide a secure web portal for all our clients. The portal give owners and board members access to all association financial statements and financial data including copies of checks written, invoices and bills paid, bank statements, and payments received. It also contains copies of all board and annual minutes, association documents, insurance policies and other important information. Items on the portal can be viewed and printed.

Will you help us design and maintain a website?

We can also provide a website for the association. There is a onetime set-up charge of $250.00 for the design and creation of a basic website for your association. We will then host your site for free.

Do you offer unit owners the opportunity to pay their maintenance fees through Electronic Funds Transfer and what is the cost for this?

Yes. There is no cost to the association or the unit owners for this services and it is handled as a pre-approved ACH (direct Debit). Owners must submit a signed an ACH authorization form along with a voided check on the account they wish to make their payment from.

Other than the base fee in the engagement agreement what are the hidden fees?

We have no hidden charges. All fees charged to the association are shown in the agreement. Including mailing and notice production fees.

What is the length of the contract?

Our agreements are for a term of one year, but are 30 day cancelable.

Is there a 30 day cancellation notice if we are not happy with the service before the year is up?


How do you interact with our Board of Directors?

It’s our job to implement the directives of the board of directors and to help the board to make your association the best
possible place to live. We recognize that most association boards are made up of owners that volunteer their time and talent for the well being of their community. These board members are not property managers nor are they experts on the condominium laws of Florida; therefore it’s our job to work with board members, both old and new, to see that they have all the information they need to make good, well-informed, decisions for all residents. We take instruction from the board and report to the board in all matters relating to the management and operation of the association.

What management services does Royale Management Services provide to community associations?

There are three broad categories of services that are provided: accounting & bookkeeping, financial management, property
management. Accounting & bookkeeping services include preparation of complete accounting records, including monthly financial statements, tracking of payments received from owners and balances due from owners and recording all vendor payments and check written. It also includes all required payroll and other tax reporting functions. Financial management services include collection of maintenance fees, payment of invoices, budget preparation, coordination of collection activities with association attorneys and maintaining all association records and making them available to owners as required by law. Property Management services include matters involving compliance with Florida Statutes, board meetings, annual meetings, correspondence with owners, obtaining bids, coordination with legal counsel, supervision of vendors and contractors, supervision of association employees and the management and supervision of the common elements such as: roofs, parking lots, pool, exterior painting, lawn & landscaping and other common elements.

Why does a community association need a professional property manager?

The alternative to professional management is “volunteer” management provided by homeowners and board members. The volunteer approach may work well for a while, but volunteers generally lose interest in the non-paid and rather thankless job of assisting the association. Additionally, the Florida Statutes which govern community associations are very complex and if not strictly followed, the association may be subject to fines or penalties for non-compliance. Companies, such as Royale Management Services, are equipped to deal with the business and statutory requirements of associations.

If an association is dissatisfied with a particular vendor or contractor (pool, lawn service, etc.), how will Royale Management Services assist the association?

Royale Management Services manages dozens of communities throughout the South Florida, we have access to a large database of preferred vendors and contractors. Royale Management Services will generally submit a request for proposal (bid) to these and other companies in the area which may also include companies recommended by board members and residents. Once we receive proposals from these firms we will verify their insurance and licenses, then we will check their references. Finally we will arrange for each bidder to be interviewed by the board so that a new vendor or contractor may be selected.

How can a unit owner examine the books and records of the association?

Royale Management Services strongly believes that association records should be complete and available to owners for examinationat all times. We therefore provide each association we manage with a private “members only” web site where all records are available for review. The web portal holds copies of all monthly financial statements, copies of all check and invoices paid by the association, copies of all association service contracts, records of all owner payments and delinquencies, association documents, rules and much more and is available 24 hour a day 7 days a week to all unit owners. This site does require an owner to enter the user name and password prior to accessing association information.

What if a unit owner does not have a computer to access association records?

If you do not have a computer you can make an appointment to view records at the office of Royale Management Services. Royale Management Services will arrange for you to have access to the web site on a computer in our office.

What if a unit owner needs copies of an association record?

Records may be printed from the web portal. If you do not have the ability to print what you need we will print it for you. There
is no charge for us to print up to 5 pages of records for any owner per year. If more than 5 pages are requested our standard copying and printing charges apply and must be paid by the owner requesting the records.

Who do owners make their checks out to?

Checks should always be made payable to your association. All funds are deposited directly into your association’s bank account
and used to cover the association’s expenses.