Workers Compensation Insurance

We require all contractors and vendors that work on the property to have workers compensation insurance in order to protect the association and its owners from liability, should someone working on the property get hurt. Workers compensation coverage limits the liability of the association for injuries to those working on the property. The association’s liability policy in many cases does not protect the association from injuries that would or should be covered by workers compensation insurance. Add to this the fact only the owners and officers of a company can exempt themselves from workers compensation. We don’t have the time, or the manpower, to check each person that vendors or contractors send to the property to make sure that they are an owner or officer of the business with a valid workers’ compensation exemption on file with the state.

Getting a certificate of insurance from vendors and contractors, naming the association as anadditionalinsured, assures us that no matter who is working on the property, they have the proper coverage. 

We also require coverage on anyone you hire to work in your unit because to get to your unit they must pass through association common elements, hence the association could be held liable for any injuries they receive.