An owner recently complained that instead of just calling them or knocking on their door to discuss a violation, we sent them a written violation notice. They did not understand our policy of putting all violation notices in writing and delivering them by email, mail and certified mail.

The policy exists to protect our managers because you never know how someone is going to react when they are informed that they are violating the rules. Sometimes they take their frustration out on the person delivering the message. In addition, communicating in writing helps make sure there is no misunderstanding about what is being said and creates a record that can be used to prove that we do not selectively enforce the rules and that everyone is treated the same way.

If you receive a violation notice, you should respond in writing, letting management and your board know that corrective action has been or will be taken. If you need additional time to make the correction, this should also be communicated in writing. We also want to know if you feel the violation notice is not accurate or is unfounded. A violation notice is not personal. Your manager and management company are simply fulfilling their obligation to enforce your community’s governing documents and rules.

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