Special Projects

Manager on scaffoldingA Special Project is a large project that is not part of the normal operations of the association. Special projects include: Roof Replacement, Concrete Restoration, Elevator Refurbishing, Window Replacement, Paving, Major Plumbing Projects and Major Electrical Projects to name just a few. Unlike ordinary repairs, these projects take an extraordinary amount of investigation, planning, oversite and coordination.

Much of this takes place behind the scenes. Special projects require patience on the part of the board and owners as there are often many steps that must be taken before any work can begin.

Many of these steps are preformed by management, some are performed by outside experts, and all actions require management supervision, and all contracts/agreements are submitted to the board for review and approval.

Steps for special projects:

  1. Board review of problem or issue presented. The problem or issue may be presented by management, a member of the board, a third-party inspector or an owner request.
    a. Management provides facts and recommendations regarding the problem/issue along with recommendations on how the board should proceed.
    b. The Board reviews information provided and instructs management how to proceed with recommended course of action, asks for additional information, or decides it is not a concern and that no action will be taken.
  2. Management determines if outside experts are required and makes a recommendation to the board. If outside experts are required management obtains bids from outside experts. Experts include engineers, consultants, experts, and attorneys.
  3. Board reviews bids of outside experts along with recommended scope of services and approves hiring.
  4. Management coordinates any site inspections and visits required by outside expert.
  5. Outside expert (or management if no outside expert is required) prepares a project review, scope and recommendations.
  6. Board Meeting
    a. Reviews outside experts finding and recommendations and meets with outside expert to address any questions.
    b. Board votes on recommendations to approve.
    c. Board votes to engage the outside expert to develop a scope of work and RFB to be used in soliciting bids for the project.
  7. Outside expert submits the RFP and scope of work to the board for final review and approval.
  8. Management works with outside expert on developing a list of bidders to which RFP and scope of work is to be submitted from bid.
  9. Management and/or Outside Expert send RFP along with scope of work to prospective bidders.
  10. Management schedules and coordinates any site visits required by bidders.
  11. Bids are received and reviewed by management.
  12. Bids are submitted to the board with management and expert comments.
  13. Board interviews bidders (if desired).
  14. Board votes to select vendor.
  15. Vendor notified to submit contract for work.
  16. Contract reviewed by management, board, and the association’s attorney.
  17. Board votes to execute contract.
  18. Management works with contractor to get required insurance and permit applications.
  19. Contractor submits permit applications (no work starts until all permits are approved).
  20. Permits are received.
  21. Management works with contractor and outside expert to on project scheduling.
  22. Notification of unit owners of project scheduling.
  23. Project begins.
  24. Weekly review meeting of contractor, outside expert and manager.
  25. Management updates owners of scheduling changes.
  26. Payment requests submitted by contractor and reviewed by outside expert and management.
  27. Payments drafted for contractor and submitted for signature to the board approved officers for signature, once signed these are returned to management.
  28. Payments released to contractor upon receipt of partial lien releases.
  29. Management coordinates change orders and other information with the board.
  30. Upon completion a punch list is reviewed by management and the board.
  31. Final inspection and approval of completed punch list by the board & management.
  32. Coordination of final paperwork including closing of permits, warrantee & other paperwork, along with releases of all liens.
  33. Final payment delivered to contractor.
  34. Job file is added to official records.

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