Some mornings I think that people think the staff and I are descendants of Carnack The Magnificent.

Each morning the first thing we do is go through voicemail and email from the night before and all too often we get messages that fail to include any hint of who they are or the association they are calling about. Last night’s message included one from someone that said they had a leak from the unit above them but did not include their name, unit number, association, or even a phone number to call them back at. We also received an email for a realtor that wanted to know about rules for renting at a property but failed to leave the name of the property or even the property’s address. As property managers we deal with a good number of associations, owners, tenants, and vendors, and we don’t have the ability to see what is not in the message. So please remember when leaving a message and or calling our office — it’s important to include; your name, phone number, association name or address and your unit number along with the reason for your communication.