Q:        Do unit owners, visitors & residents have to wear face coverings in the association entries, hallways and other common areas?

A:         While the CDC recommends, faces covers (masks) for those that are in public both management and your board recommend and agree that unit owners wear a facial covering, and preferably gloves, anytime they exit their unit. Even if it is to go to the laundry room or some other common area. We do not have the power to make this a requirement or to enforce this. Our hope is that in the interest of protecting yourself and your fellow residents you will make every effort to comply.

Q:        Does the board have the power to close the gym, pool and other amenities.

A:         Yes, and in fact the board is required to close these and all other non-essential amenities under an order issued by the government.

Q:        Can community associations prohibit owners from undertaking renovation projects so they can prevent contractors and other workers from entering the property?

A:         Yes, the governor has issued an emergency order that gives boards broad discretion to protect their communities and residents. Contractors should be prohibited from entering the community unless emergency repairs are needed in a unit or on the common elements. Realtor open houses or showings should not be permitted.


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