Protect Yourself and Your Community from Crime at Holiday Time

Keeping crime down in your community requires every owner to work hard at protecting the community while avoiding making themselves, their family or property targets.

Step one protect yourself and your property. Don’t leave valuable items in your car. It only takes a second for a thief to strike and leaving cell phones, laptops, briefcases, purses or anything that even looks valuable in your car is an invitation to theft.

During this holiday season don’t leave gifts purchased in the mall in the trunk of your car. Many thief’s watch the malls and shops this time of year just looking for a shopper with a truck full of goodies.  Don’t make it easy for someone else to shop for Christmas in your trunk.

Keep car doors locked at all times and purses out of site. Don’t let a red light be an invitation to a criminal.

When in dough about a stranger in the parking lot call the police and stay in your car and drive around the block until you feel safe to park and exit your vehicle.

Keep the doors to your home locked at all times. Do not permit access to anyone you don’t know. If a work man drops by and you were not expecting them ask for identification before unlocking your door.

Step two get to know your neighbors. Knowing your neighbors helps you spot trouble, if you see someone who does not belong call the police and let others in your community know what you have seen.

If you will be having guest staying with you alert your neighbors and management so that everyone will know that they are your guests and not strangers casing the property.

Say hello to your fellow residents when you see them in the hall, criminals hate a place where they can’t blend in and a community where owners all know each other and are clearly looking out for each other is not a good community to rob.

Don’t be afraid to call the police, if you see something or someone that looks out of place it’s better to be safe than sorry, give the police a call. 

If you don’t feel your community is getting the police protection it should be getting, call your city council person. Remember how interested they were in you at election time? Now is the time to let them know if your community is not getting the attention it should or if response times are to slow when you call the police.

Remember the best protection for your community from crime it the vigilance of you and your fellow unit owners and residents.