Royale Management is working hard to serve your community, it’s board, owners and residents.  While our managers and staff are staying here at our offices for their safety and yours, they are available by phone and email.

We want to thank the many board members and owners that have stepped up to be our eyes and ears on property. For assistance with providing roof access to emergency vendors to posting signs or just letting us know about a maintenance issue. They have been a valuable asset to each and every community.

Many boards have been called on to make difficult decisions, and while we can’t ask you not to second guess the decisions of your board, we can ask you to please respect those decisions and understand that they are often called upon to make unpopular but necessary decisions

Most amenities in your community have been closed based on orders of state and local authorities, and with the approval of your board of directors. Whether you agree with these closures or not we urge each of you to respect them. Some communities have already received visits from local authorities because a few owners decided to ignore ordered closures. Repeated violations could result in the community being subject to fines and other sanctions from city, county and state authorities.  Penalties and fines received by the association would then become an additional expense for the association and hence the unit owners, so please respect the ordered closures.

Because of the social distancing rules now in effect and due to the emergency orders of both state and county government officials we can not hold open board meetings allowing everyone to attend at this time. In fact, we must hold meetings by telephone or video conference. We are making video conferencing available to those boards that choose to use it for their meetings.

While we can not forbid visitors, we and your board highly recommend that you avoid inviting visitors to come to your unit as this just creates additional exposure for everyone.  It would also be advisable not to schedule regular service or non-emergency repair vendors until the stay at home orders are lifted.

Remember the objective is to keep everyone safe and hopefully get back to normal as soon as possible.


The Staff & Management of Royale Management Services, Inc.