We know that many of you have been “staying at home” for some time and this can lead to anyone going a little stir crazy. As residents shelter in place we are getting more and more calls complaining about things like; noise from other units, infiltration of smoke from upstairs/downstairs/next door, laundry left in machines after cycles are complete, and more. Many of these complaints are more about people feeling a lack of control over themselves and their environment.

Please remember, just like you, many of your fellow neighbors have been locked in for longer than they are used to. It’s important for all of us to remember that being frustrated is no excuse for failure to respect your fellow owners and residents. Be respectful of others: don’t cook smelly foods while everyone is forced to live in close quarters. If you smoke, be sure to do so where other residents will not have to encounter your second-hand smoke. When your laundry is complete empty the machine quickly so others can use it. Most of all, just be a good neighbor and show respect for others. We may not have control of what is going on around us but we all have control of how we react to it.