Be ready and be safe.  Be prepared to ride out the storm on your own as during the storm neither management or emergency services personnel may be available.


As you may be aware, there is a tropical storm heading for South Florida, that could potentially become a hurricane when it reaches land.  Below are some reminders & important information.  You can find a more detailed checklist at the link above.

1.   Be sure to secure and/or bring items inside! 

Items on balconies, porches, catwalks, doors can create a hazard during high winds. 

2.   Close any hurricane shutters before the storms hits. 

If you are not in residence, be sure to have someone who is ready and willing to secure your items for you.  Neither Management or the Board is responsible for securing individual units shutters and/or items.

3.   The Emergency phone number for RMS is 954-769-0511.

Management will not be responding to calls during the storm, but immediately after, we will resume answering calls.  Management will, when possible, coordinate post-storm inspections and needed repairs of common elements and mechanical systems.  Management staff will be on the road and visiting associations as soon after the storm as it is safe to do so.

4.   Everyone must realize communication will be restricted.

Management and those addressing the situation will not have time or ability to respond to phone calls from each member. E-mail has proven to be invaluable. It can provide communication with hundreds of people immediately in a timely manner. It is understood owners will be concerned about their individual unit, but the focus of management must be concentrated on the larger overall welfare of the association and building structure.  Email for management is

5.   Some of the items that the individual owners are responsible for in their units are:

•  Floor, wall and ceiling covering

•  Electrical fixtures

•  Appliances

•  Heating equipment

•  Water heater

•  Water filters

•  Built-in cabinets and countertops

•  Window treatments, including curtains, drapes, blinds and hardware