Social Distancing & Board Meetings

Associations can hold virtual meetings during this COVID-19 emergency. The board has the right and responsibility to call emergency meetings as necessary to address the ever-changing situation which requires them to make decisions required to protect the community and residents. These meetings do require the standard 48 hours, notice normally required for a board meeting.

Non-Emergency meetings, made to address the regular operation or the association and board are still subject to the standard 48 hour notice however due to the social distancing rules, these meeting can be held by telephone conference or video conference, owners should be provided information to attend these meeting virtually by phone or computer link. However, owner input can be limited to the ability to submit questions electronically or by email.

RMS is now offering ZOOM meetings along with our traditional teleconferencing.  If your board wishes to schedule a ZOOM meeting they can call our office or email us. We will reserve a time for your ZOOM meeting, get a notice, and addenda emailed to unit owners and board members.

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