Do you need to get certified as a Director so you can serve on the Board of Directors for your Condominium Association? 

Royale Management Services is proud to sponsor the course to receive your Florida state required certification. This course will be conducted by Rhonda Hollander of RHONDA HOLLANDER P.A. 

If you are a board member or thinking about being a board member, this free course will not only qualify you to serve under Florida Law but it will make sure you are aware and informed of just what Florida law requires.

If your just an owner that wants to know more about how your association should operate or if you have been serving on the board for years and want to be sure your knowledge is up to date this course is for you. Attorney Rhonda Hollander, will be conducting the class. The class will provide certification for Board Members to serve on the Board of Directors. This certification is now required by the Florida Condominium Act. Topics will include: (1) Declaration Enforcement; (2) Alternate Dispute Resolution (3) Elections (4) Financial Reporting (5) Official Records; and (6) Inspection Requests.

The course will take place on February 18th, 2014 at  12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. a light lunch will be served. It will be held at the offices of Royale Management Services, Inc. 2319 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale  FL 33311.

For Reservations call 954-563-1269, Space is limited so make your reservations early.