The current state of emergency means that we all have to do things a little differently than normal. As your property manager the safety of you and your fellow residents, along with that of our employees, is important to us. Because keeping everyone as safe as possible is our number one concern we want to make you aware of some changes we are making until further notice.


    1. We have spoken to all of the cleaning companies and janitorial staff about being extra vigilant in their duties. However, please remember that common surfaces are easily contaminated and therefore you may want to avoid directly touching elevator buttons, door knobs, and other items that the last person using may have contaminated.


    1. Our managers will be avoiding face to face meetings with residents, board members and vendors. They will be happy to speak with you by phone or can be reached by email. Please do not try to meet with them while they are visiting your property.


    1. We are recommending that all board and other association meetings be help by telephonic conference. This will allow board members to make decisions without putting themselves or other at risk. Owners will be permitted to access these meetings in listen-only mode. Owners are able to communicate their questions and concerns by emailing them to management before the meeting and they will be forwarded to all board members.


    1. While our boards have not chosen at this time to close common area facilities such as pools, club houses and gyms, it’s important to remember not to gather in these places and that even after careful cleaning they could still pose a hazard. Use common sense and avoid these areas when others are using them. Don’t forget to wipe down with disinfectant the gym equipment, chairs, and other items before using them.


    1. During this time, we want to help you avoid trips to our office and will accept credit card payment for things like laundry tokens, permit applications, or other items that normally require payment by check. To obtain a credit card authorization form simply call our office.


    1. During this time, it will be more difficult to arrange for non-essential services and repairs, as vendors and their employees are also reacting to this virus. Please be patient. If you require work from a vendor or other outside service provider. We will be delaying non-emergency work and other functions to keep traffic to a minimum and protect all residents.


    1. If you or any resident of your home have been exposed to the virus or are feeling ill, please stay in your unit and do not use common areas. Avoid contact with your fellow residents.


  1. If you have questions about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we recommend visiting the Centers for Disease Control’s web site at www.CDC.Gov and or the Florida Health Department at