Making it personal, I have witnessed board meetings where owners make disparaging remarks about other owners and or board members.  Board members make unkind remarks about owners and fellow board members. This never serves to solve any problems and it makes it harder to deal with the real issue which is a violation disagreement on policy or a financial decision.  Good leaders remember that actions and decisions can be bad but people are not and that making it personal wastes time and does nothing to solve the problem.

It is inappropriate to allow an owner or board member to make personal remarks about anyone. If this does happen a good leader / chairperson knows how to get the conversation back on track and cut off the disparaging remarks.

Disagreement is a good thing and can lead to better thought out decisions,  being disagreeable is a bad thing and only makes what you are saying get lost in the noise all around us.

Sometime the best action is just to adjourn the meeting and wait for a time when cooler heads prevail.