Building a Budget that Works For Your Community

Building a Budget that Works For Your Community

October 23rd  2013, 9:00am

This seminar will show you all the tips and tricks our professionals use to develop a budget for an association. We will show you how we review historical data, project future costs, get input from board members and managers then use this information to draft preliminary budgets for review that do more than just show projected expenditures.

The seminar will also include an explanation of the reasons for reserves, determining what items to reserve for and how to calculate what you need for reserves and when you will need it.

The objective is to teach you how to create a budget that covers both planned and unplanned funding needs of your association without requiring special assessments.

The seminar will be jointly taught by Samantha Spencer, LCAM an association services supervisor for Royale Management Services and Steven J Weil, PhD, EA, LCAM.

The Seminar is hosted by Royale Management Services, Inc.  It will take place at 2319 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. The seminar will beginning promptly at 9:00AM. A light breakfast will be provided complements of Royale Management Services.  The seminar is FREE but, space is limited and reservations are required. To make reservations call 800-382-1040.