Are you ready for doggie DNA?

Pet waste has become a nuisance even for associations that do not allow pets. The last few years it has become much more difficult for associations to prevent pet owners from renting or buying units in the Association. This is due in part to ADA and HUD rules that require associations to admit service and emotional support animals.

In today’s environment of diseases and disorders it’s not difficult for even the healthiest pet owner to find a doctor who is willing to help a patient make a case for an emotional support animal. Boards of directors are hard-pressed to prevent these owners and their animals from taking up residency.

Whether your Association is pet friendly or only allows those pets required due to requirements of the ADA, pet waste can and does often become a problem.

Dog waste contains over 3 million bacteria and parasites including E. coli, salmonella, and ringworms. Dubbed waste, it is not fertilizing your lawn and it drains into the water table. It looks bad, smells bad, and is just plain unhealthy. So how do you make sure dog owners are properly disposing of their pet waste?

Science brings us an answer doggie DNA testing. Yes your Association can require pet owners to register their pets and submit DNA samples to a national registry, after that it’s as simple as packing up that uncollected dog waste and sending it off for a little testing. For under $100 you can find out just whose pet left that special surprise.

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